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Maintenance and Service of Your Swimming Pool in Redding, CA


When it comes to maintaining and serving your swimming pools, spas or hot tubs in Redding California, there seems to be no limit to company’s that provides all sorts of services you may require. Here is a list of things to check for when maintaining your pool, spa or hot tub.


Check for leaks. There are several causes for leaks from your pool or spa, which may cause an uneven balance of pH levels as well as water levels. If you think you have a leak, finding it may not be that easy, and even harder still, fixing it. If you’ve got a portable pool or an above-ground poll, the fix may be as simple as a patch. However, in-ground pools often have more complicated leaks caused by cracked stone or cement, tree roots, or several other reasons. You may need to seek the help of a professional to help find and fix your pools leak.


Pool and Spa Cover.We mentioned pool and spa covers before when talking about way to save energy and heat. As it turns out, Pool/spa covers are also a great way to keep your pool clean. Pools are usually outside and at the mercy of falling leaves, dust and brush that are getting blown into the pool constantly. Many people opt to get a pool cleaning service to deal with such annoyances, but a pool and spa cover will work well to keep the majority of unwanted stuff in your pool or spa.


Adjusting water’s chemical levels. Everyone who owns a pool or spa, regardless of if it’s chlorinated, salt water or even natural water, must check the water for clarity and health. To learn more about your water’s health click here. However, a pool or spa service may need to be consulted with problems that are constant or occur on a regular basis.

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