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Energy efficiency


If you have a hot tub, spa you will be looking into how to heat your water. In addition, you’ll be looking for the most energy efficiency way of creating heat and maintaining heat.


If you’re heating your spa, you’ll need to look into investing in a high quality spa cover. Though some spa covers may cost much more than others, the money saved on the heat retained may save you more money in the long run. To learn more info on types of spa covers and their ability to save you energy, click here.


When dealing with headed pools, you’ll be faced with a much greater challenge of keeping your pool warm and your energy bill down. Here are some things to think about when considering heating your pool.


  • Installing solar power heaters. This is a great way to keep cost down while using green energy at the same time. For more information on solar power heaters, click here.


  • Using a pool cover. Like the spa, a good pool cover can be an effective way to retain heat, thus requiring the heater to run less.


  • Manage your water’s temperature. If your on vacation or it’s in the middle of the summer, you may want to consider turning your pool’s heater down. Keeping an eye on pool usage and adjusting your heater according can be a great way to save otherwise wasted energy on heating your pool.


  • Researching energy efficient pumps. A high-energy bill and a constant running pump could be the result of an old, outdated or inefficient pump. Changing your pump or upgrading to a new may be a good place to start reducing your energy consumption.
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