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Salt Water or Chlorine? in Redding CA
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 Chemicals: Salt Water vs. Chlorine

In recent years, more and more people have been opting to change their chlorine pools or spas into salt-water pools and spas. As new homes get built, it’s becoming more common to see salt water installed standard over chlorine.

A common misconception is that salt-water pools have no chlorine. They do, but the salt means that not as much chlorine is needed, limiting itching, burning, red eyes and dry hair. In addition, the pH level can be higher because of the lower percent of chlorine in the water. The water also has a bitter taste. 

Salt water pools are much cheaper than chlorine pools because you don’t have to buy any chlorine, instead you just get salt. The salt is run through an electrical charge, which creates the chlorine by itself. However, in addition to checking the pH levels, you’ll have to check the water for calcium levels as well. Though the salt water is healthier for humans and pets, it is still not 100% safe for the environment, as it can kill plant growth around the edge of the pool where water has splashed.

If you’ve dealt with a chlorinated pool before, you should take note that the maintenance of water levels with the addition of the pump system that creates the chlorine may create more work for the owner at first. However, once you’ve got the hang of the system, it’s easy to control with a timer and doesn’t create much work at all.

 There are companies who specialize in saltwater systems for the pool and spa industry.  Controlomatic.com is one of those companies.  For 30 years, saltwater and chlorine systems have been in high demand.  Pool owners are demanding high water quality for their pools and spas and Controlomatic delivers those products to homeowners.  Their systems are very easy to install and maintain.

As salt water pools’ popularity grows, with reduced cost and increased comfort, it may be worth investigating all natural pools, which are growing in popularity as well. Learn more here.

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