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Redding California is one of the hottest place to be in the country during the summer. But, by October, the temperature can drop quite dramatically. Where cool water was desired, hot water has replaced.  Considering buying a hot tub is a great way to relax in the cold and wet winter months. There are four major types of spas and hot tubs; inflatable hot tubs, wooden hot tubs, acrylic spas and in-ground spas. It is important to consider all factor when deciding which one fits your needs best.


Inflatable hot tubs are the cheapest way to go about owning a hot tub. They can usually fit 2-to-4 people. They are easy to set up and can be placed indoor or outdoor and powered by a slandered outlet. In addition, they can be taken down and moved with relative ease. The downside is that they often do not come with a warranty and aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as in-ground or acrylic spas.


Wooden hot tubs come with an old-west rustic look. They are faily uncommon, but historically and aesthetically pleasing with a classic wooden barrel look. Wooden hot tubs are built from oak, redwood or teak. However, traditional wooden hot tubs require the tedious heating source of fire and are in constant need of maintenance.


Acrylic spas are the most common type of spa. These spas are almost always above ground and can range in size from 2-to-10 people. Also, many Acrylic spas have wooden exteriors to give the look of an old time wooden hot tub. They usually require a 220-volt power supply and are often fastened to the ground. Acrylic spas are often gas or electrically powered and due to the plumbing and construction often required, will need to be inspected by local authorities.


In-ground spas are usually the most extensive and often accompanied by a swimming pool - sometimes only a few feet away. In-ground spas often take advantage of masonry art and incorporate waterfalls or above water level jets and heating. Although the most expensive, these spas can often give the feel of a natural hot spring and are able to be filled with salt water instead of chlorinated water, giving them additional appeal.



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