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Swimming Pools in Redding CA
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 Swimming Pools in Redding


There is quite a range of types of swimming pools to choose from. From size, to quality, to cost, to design, it seems most people have a unique swimming pool – especially if it’s an in-ground pool. There’s a lot to know about different types of pool and there are three basic types.

Portable swimming pools are the cheapest, quickest and most maintenance free pools you can have. In addition, they can be drained, moved and filled with relative easy depending on the size and type. In addition, they do not require a contractor for installation and can be assembled with simple instructions. However, a portable swimming pool may not be as desirable for several reasons; Access in and out can be dangerous and uncomfortable, they easily damaged, usually never more than 3-to-4 feet deep, and Some people consider them not nearly as aesthetically appealing. 

Above-ground swimming pools are usually much larger and durable than portable swimming pools, and often require a contractor to install. However, where portable pools lack in aesthetics, above-ground pools are often accompanied by a wooden deck-like boarder for pool chairs and tables, which gives the feel of an in-ground pool. Additionally, you won’t have to dig into the ground, and above-ground swimming pools are much cheaper. Like portable pools, they aren’t very deep and are supported by latex or fiberglass walls, which can often leak and may be less appealing than an in-ground pool.

In-ground swimming pools can range from simple square shallow cement pools to intricate, water falling, stone designed, deep, professionally and artistically designed mega-pools. Hereyou’ll find more information on the several steps and considerations if you’re considering an in-ground pool. Of course, the downside of in-ground pools is the cost, but affordable in-ground pools are no stretch, and Redding, California is a great place to find the right one for your back or front yard.

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